US Demo

This is an interactive demonstration visualization of results produced using the R Package ITHIM (ver 0.2.9). These results are not for decision making purposes and have not been comprehensively reviewed, they are solely for the purposes of demonstrating the capabilities of ITHIM (the types of questions which may be asked and answered, comparisons made, diseases included, etc.). We appreciate your feedback and recommendations. We will continue to update this demo as we improve the data sets and methods used. If you would like assistance with a more rigorous application of ITHIM for your locality please contact us.

This visualization provides estimates by state (metro counties) of disease burden reduction (by disability adjusted life years (#) or percentage (%)) from increasing active transportation (additional minutes to the average time spent walking or cycling each week). You may select your disease of interest and click on a state to see state-specific results or vary the baseline level of non-travel activity (low =1, med = 5, high = 10 min/wk). The results reflect baseline state level travel activity and age-sex-cause-specific burden estimates.